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Transition/Refresher Classes 

Shieling House Farnborough

If your yoga practice has fallen by the wayside lately, and you are thinking about getting back on your mat then these classes are for you...

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Special Transition Classes  Three beautiful Anusara yoga classes to transition from beginners to level 1, or if you've had a break & you want to re-introduce yourself slowly to class these will be perfect for you. We will build on the knowledge you have of the basic flows and deepen your practice. In these classes we will be breaking down & working with the warrior poses (1, 2 & 3), while I tell you the ancient story of the origin of the poses...A love story of sorts...

The physical benefits of yoga such as increased mobility and flexibility, core strength, and greater body awareness don’t disappear when we step off the mat – we carry these benefits & more with us all day, and they enhance every moment to come...

So lets practice together so you can start to feel this ease of life. Register your interest to be the first to find out when I will next run this special course of classes

"Andrea uses ancient stories to guide you through class & shows you how those stories are relatable to our everyday lives now. Insightful and fun, definitely give it a go." - Justine

Anusara yoga is a branch of hatha yoga that is uplifting and inspiring. This practice beautifully blends clear alignment instructions for poses with a positive life affirming philosophy - the classes will leave you feeling stretched, strengthen and relaxed physically, mentally and emotionally..


So If you’ve fallen off the ‘yoga wagon’, don’t worry, it happens to most of us at some point.  Whatever the reason for your break (and we’ve all had some good reasons lately!) or however long you’ve been away it can feel a little daunting to get started again, so I am offering these special transition classes to get you started again..

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