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Andrea Rimington Yoga

Workplace Wellness Sessions, Team Building Events & Yoga Classes In Farnborough Hampshire Or Online

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Workplace Wellness

If you are a business that understands that workplace wellbeing  links to productivity, attraction and retention, and are looking for a way to introduce this for your company, then take a look at the options I have for you below.


I understand that each company is different, and has different needs so

  • You can chose between the packages

  • Each package is tailor made according to what you want.

  • You won't need to worry about the admin, as I will manage all of that for you, from the bookings to providing attendance reporting.

  • You can book as a regular event OR as a one off wellness or team building event

  • I am qualified in Yoga for the Stages of Menopause and can offer sessions specifically to support women on their menopause journey


 "Andrea is absolutely fantastic to work with, she makes the whole process really simple and easy...she is always flexible and schedules her classes to best suit our community."

Farnborough Business Park-

In broad terms there are three options to choose from;

  • Option 1 is online (or can be in person as a team building event)

  • Options 2, 3 & 4 can be online or in person (if you are in a 15 mile radius of Farnborough).


Improve wellness in the workplace and help your employees get a boost, physically, mentally & emotionally.

1) Pause, Move, Breathe & Smile

Sometimes in our working day we need a moment to pause, move, breathe and smile. These half hour weekly sessions will give you that opportunity (or you can have two 15 minute sessions per week).


You don’t need fancy exercise clothes, these sessions are designed so you and your team can do them in your work clothes, there is no equipment or experience needed – sessions will be designed around what your team most want out of them.

You and your team just need to be at your desks (at home or in the office) and I’ll be online to show you some simple moves and techniques that will help manage stress, stretch & release those tight muscles we all get from sitting for far too long!


This space in your working week will give you and your team some much-needed time together, to keep team connections or even as you continue to work apart, helping to keep you motivated and positive. 

Andrea teaching on laptop

"Joining the weekly sessions has been a breath of fresh air." - Employee

2) Anusara Yoga Classes

Andrea teaching on laptop 2

These classes can be offered to your team as a one off or ongoing regular slot. The classes will be pitched for Anusara level 1 or as beginners sessions.


Anusara classes include grounding breath work, a heart theme, physical practice, meditation and savasana. In class, we will work towards goals to achieve growth and change.


I have taught beginners & level 1 classes to companies which have been very popular. These classes can be provided online or in person (dependant on location)

"We have had some lovely feedback from employees who have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and getting away from their desks to either learn something that they have not tried before or to extend their yoga knowledge and to relax and unwind"
- Fluor-

3)Anusara Restorative Yoga


Restorative yoga gives true rest and rejuvenation. This gentle, restful practice is all about slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching.


I recommend that all of us should be doing Restorative yoga, as we all need this deep healing in our busy lives. Absolutely anybody can participate, no matter what your fitness level.

I will gently guide you through 30 minutes of the gentlest of poses, where you will hardly move at all and then 30 minutes guided Yoga Nidra, a deeply relaxing form of meditation.

And Breathe

"I found myself missing the classes if I had leave!" - Employee

4) Yoga For The Stages Of Menopause 

From their mid-30s all your valued female employees begin to experience the changes of perimenopause. They may be unprepared and missing opportunities for effective self-care.


Many women feel isolated and alone when they go through menopause, they may even be in pain, frightened or full of self-judgment of the changes they are going through.


Today menopause has become a huge topic, and there is so much conflicting information, unrealistic "solutions", leaving many women to feel confused, isolated and alone.

In these session I offer support with pragmatic, evidence-based information. I do not make false promises and I will offer realistic, achievable ideas that can make a world of difference to overall wellbeing, comfort and joy in daily lives. 

All of these options can be adapted to team building events as required. Prices are dependant on requirements.

"We get fantastic feedback on Andreas teaching style and her friendly, approachable personality. Without a doubt, if you are looking for someone to offer corporate yoga classes at your workplace, you should book with Andrea"

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