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Andrea Rimington Yoga

On Demand Monthly Memberships & Video Class Bundles

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Andrea Rimington Monthly Membership

Many of my regular students wanted a monthly package where they have a rolling membership.

If you would like this option rather than paying for the individual blocks it works out slightly cheaper than the block option. With this package you get one class a week with me, for 46 weeks of the year.

You also get added bonus, such as discounts on restorative classes and any workshops I run.

You also get access to my full video library, meaning even on the weeks Im on holiday you have access to a variety of classes.

Andrea Rimington Yoga On Demand

You can buy just a single day to explore as many classes as you wish (have your own retreat day!), a class bundle package.  Or a Netflix-style monthly membership, a recurring subscription to my entire on-demand library, with a monthly or quarterly payment. 

You really have the flexibility to choose how, when & where you you want to practice with these packages.

You choose between which of the uplifting Anusara classes you want to experience as with membership or class bundle options, you have access to all my beautiful joyful classes at your fingertips for you to enjoy as many times as you wish. 

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