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Andrea Rimington Yoga

About Andrea Rimington - Yoga Classes In Farnborough Hampshire & Online

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Andrea Rimington
Anusara Inspired Yoga Teacher

The first time I took a yoga class I was very cross and impatient. I had a shoulder injury and yoga was
the only “exercise” I could do. I was frustrated at my body for being injured and letting me down. I
resented HAVING to do a yoga class to get some exercise – I thought I would be laying down doing
nothing. I certainly didn’t think that years later I’d be teaching it.


During that first class I found that yoga was actually quite challenging, and, more importantly, I
found a few seconds where my mind just stopped…It was quite an amazing experience. My inner
voice – that voice that tells me that “I can’t” or “I’m not enough” was for once quiet…


Despite this revelation, I still felt I had to punish my body to stay “fit and healthy” and focused solely
on the physical postures in my yoga classes, wanting to create picture perfect poses – like those yoga pictures on Instagram.


I neglected to take the time to really feel the pose and see the value of the breath work and shavasana thinking they were a waste of time – I was a busy person, I had things to do and I couldn’t just be lying around.

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Yoga at The Hanger

When I discovered Anusara yoga my practice really transformed. I learnt that yoga isn’t about performing the perfect pose – but instead about being ok with my mind and body, and how it is in this moment.


I took a long time to get past my ego and understand that yoga is not only about the physical practice, it is much more than that.


I learnt that each time I take 5 minutes to relax, breathe, meditate I am calming my whole nervous system and I am literarily re-shaping my brain.

Over the years, as I developed my practice I began to see subtle differences in the way I live my life, the choices I make, how I interact with others, I found my stress tolerance improved.


Don’t get me wrong, I still have those car moments when I’m shouting at other drivers. My kids (and husband!) can still drive me to distraction from time to time (even though I love them dearly!). But my yoga practice helps me to step back, take some breaths find some calm and remind myself that I’ve got this thing called life – even in the tough times.

This is why I wanted to become a teacher, to
be able to share with you how a regular yoga practice can make you start feeling;

  • Healthier

  • More energised

  • Physically freer

  • Mentally calmer

  • Better able to cope with life's stress and strains

  • Better equipped with the ability to just "be"..

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My Qualifications

I am an experienced yoga teacher as recognised by yoga allice professionals and after a time teaching as a Hatha yoga teacher I discovered Anusara and I retrained with a further 200 hours training to qualify as an Anusara Elements Yoga Teacher with Sarah Powell. I have since completed a further 300 hour advanced Anusrara teacher training and I am now an Anusara Inspired teacher.  

Some of these trainings include;

  • Anatomy  - Advanced Anatomy and Kinesiology - Adam Ballenger

  • Anatomy - Functional Anatomy Applied to Yoga - Julia Pearing

  • Anatomy - Bonds of Asana - Julia Pearing

  • Anatomy - Therapeutic applications of anusara yoga - Ellen Saltonstall & Jayendra Hanley

  • Anusara Teaching Techniques - Universal Principles of Alignment - Chaya Spencer

  • Anusara Teaching Techniques - Loops - Chaya Spencer

  • Anusara Teaching Techniques - Teaching with a Theme - Chaya Spencer

  • Anusara Teaching Techniques - Teaching with a Theme - Sarah Powell

  • Anusara Teaching Techniques - Adjusting - Rachel Bush

  • Mediation  - Jayendra Hanley & Karen Sprute

  • Sequencing - Rachel Dewan

  • Tantric Philosophy - The Recognition Sutras -  Jayendra Hanley & Karen Sprute

  • Pranayama - Rachel Dewan

  • Esoteric Pranayama - Carlos Pomeda

  • Yoga for the Stages of Menopause - Niamh Day

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