Andrea Rimington
Anusara Elements Yoga Teacher

The first time I took a yoga class I was very cross and impatient! I had a shoulder injury and yoga was
the only “exercise” I could do. I was frustrated at my body for being injured and letting me down. I
resented HAVING to do a yoga class to get some exercise – I thought I would be laying down doing
nothing. I certainly didn’t think that years later I’d be teaching it!
During that first class I found that yoga was actually quite challenging, and, more importantly, I
found a few seconds where my mind just stopped…It was quite an amazing experience. My inner
voice – that voice that tells me that “I can’t” or “I’m not enough” was for once quiet…
Despite this revelation, I still felt I had to punish my body to stay “fit and healthy” and focused solely
on the physical postures in my yoga classes, wanting to create picture perfect poses – like those yoga pictures on Instagram. I neglected to see the value of the breath work and savasana thinking they were a waste of time – I was a busy person, I had things to do and I couldn’t just be lying around! 

When I discovered Anusara yoga my practice really transformed. I learnt that yoga isn’t about performing the perfect pose – but instead about being ok with my mind and body and how it is in this moment. It took me a long time to get past my ego and understand that yoga not only about the physical practice, it is much more than that. I learnt that each time I take 5 minutes to relax, breathe, meditate I am calming my whole nervous system and I am literarily re-shaping my brain!


Over the years, as I developed my practice I began to see subtle differences in the way I live my life, the choices I made, how I interacted with others, I found my stress tolerance improved. Don’t get me wrong, I still have those car moments when I’m shouting at other drivers. My kids (and husband) can still drive me to distraction from time to time (even though I love them dearly!). But my yoga practice helps me to step back, take some breaths find some calm and remind myself that I’ve got this thing called life – even in the tough times.

This is why I wanted to become a teacher, to
be able to share with you how a regular yoga practice can make you start feeling healthier, more
energised, feel physically freer, mentally calmer, to help you cope with life's stress and strains and to share
with you that ability to just be.

Andrea qualified as a hatha yoga teacher in March 2019 with Ace Pittapan and then completed a further 200 hours training to qualify as an Anusara Elements Yoga Teacher with Sarah Powell in March 2020. She has since attended training with other certified Anusara Yoga Teachers (Adam Ballenger, Chaya Spencer & Rachel Dewan) and is currently working towards her certification.