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Gallery Pictures

In this section I have put together a collection of pictures showing props, yoga classes at the hanger in Farnborough, garden yoga, one off classes and my regular weekly yoga classes.
In the summer (when weather permits!) outdoor yoga is popular, hearing the birds song as move and then rest in shavasana is blissful.

The picture in the hanger is where I taught a fun class for a 30th birthday party. It was a great venue, looking out onto rolling fields. I love teaching for special events. 

Then there are pictures at some of my classes, showing students using props to support their practice I teach Anusara yoga, a beautiful style that gives clear, defined instructions for the practice. Helping students to understand the way the poses feel in their body and to fully understand the way yoga can help the flow of energy in the body to bring overall calm and peace.

The bottom two pictures are showing where the magic of yoga sinks in, the pause, where everything settles within. It is important in class to allow time to feel the yoga, to let it settle. 
Shavasana is the most important, and sometimes most difficult pose in the practice. To be able to be still and let go, in this modern world can be challenging for a lot of us. Giving the body time to soak in, to rest is incredibly powerful.

I also teach a monthly restorative practice, to give students that reset. Restorative yoga is great for anyone, regardless of fitness level, or if they have practiced yoga before. You can see in the bottom picture the peace on the students faces as they take time to fully relax. It is a great stress reliever and can assist with anxiety, sleep and just overall makes you feel sparkly and renewed. 

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