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Andrea Rimington Yoga

Level 1 Yoga Classes In Farnborough, Hampshire & Online - Details, Timetable & Booking

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Level 1 Classes

In Person (Farnborough) Or Online

Anusara Level 1 Classes;

  • An emphasis on safe and steady alignment in poses

  • A thoughtful theme woven into the class, so you can feel the magic of yoga

  • Strengthening for your body, mind and spirit

  • Friendly & Fun! 

Yoga at The Hub

Join a friendly group of yogis and  boost your joy for life and start to feel more you!

Farnborough & Online

Level One Classes

  • Tuesdays

South Farnborough Juniors, GU14 6PL



  • Wednesdays

Farnborough Business Park, Building 110, GU14 7BF


  • Wednesdays

Southwood Country Park Visitors Centre,  GU14 0LU​

      19.30-20.30 (gentle practice)

  • Thursdays

Express yoga class only 30 mins

Farnborough Business Park, Building 110, GU14 7BF

      12.15-12.45 - starts 1st Feb

(£7 drop in, £30 for 5 class pack)

Southwood Country Park Visitors Center,  GU14 0LU


​               19.20-20.20

  • £13 Drop in 

  • £10 Block Booking or Class Pack

  • All Classes can be attended online

All Block Bookings come with a class recording

And you can swap to a different slot if you can't make your normal session

(Or Join online)

Who Are These Classes For?


I have had many students join my level 1 classes as complete beginners, if this is you and you want to discuss where you could fit into classes then please message me so we can discuss.  

I have also have students with many years of practice.

Options are given throughout the class, there is something for everyone, so the practice is suitable for you.


If you have any questions then;

"I am really pleased I found Andrea's classes…. She is amazing at explaining it properly" 

- Gaynor

These uplifting classes contain most fundamental asanas within the main postural classification including;

Low lunge
  • warm ups

  • standing poses

  • forward & back bends

  • hip-openers

  • twists

  • inversions

  • hand balancing

  • supine poses

  • And of course shavasana!

Current Classes - Six Class Block


 "Side Kicks" 


Starts 18th June  -In this six part block of classes we will think about Side Kicks –

Yes Batman may be the star of the show, but we don't think of him without Robin at his side...
Just like Ganesha, we cannot possibly think of this beloved deity without his little companion – his vahana, Mushaka the Mouse. 

Who doesn’t want to see an elephant riding a mouse?

​Upcoming Series - Six Class Block

From 13th Aug   - Join me for 4 weeks of beautiful uplifting Anusara classes. Classes include grounding breath work, a heart theme, physical practice, meditation and most importantly they are energising, refreshing & fun!

I can't wait to share these classes with you..

Class Themes

Anusara classes have a meaningful theme, that sets the intention and attitude of the class, interweaved throughout them.

This is what makes an Anusara class so beautiful, they help us to really feel the yoga, on and off the mat and invites us to remember and celebrate that life, in all its glorious forms, is a gift. 

Big smile arms up

You can see my video library for past themes.

Andrea links in wonderful stories into her classes that tie in with whatever pose or sequence the class is based on. I love these classes.

- Leanne -

 Tuesdays 1815-1915, South Farnborough Junior School, GU14 6PL 

Starts 18th Jun, Runs For 6 Weeks

bent leg lunge

 Tuesdays 1930-2030, South Farnborough Junior School, GU14 6PL 

 Starts 18th Jun Runs For 6 Weeks

downward dog

Wednesday 1215-1310, Farnborough Business Park, Building 110, GU14 7BF

Classes Happening Now - Join Any Time 

Yoga at The Hub 3

Wednesday 1930-2030,
GENTLE CLASS Southwood Country park Visitors Centre GU14 0LJ 

Starts 19th Jun, Runs For 6 Weeks

Yoga Class At The Hub 2

"I have dithered about trying yoga for so many years…I am so very glad I did…If you are in "dither mode", like I was..I highly recommend giving the classes a go. Such a warm reception from everyone whatever class you attend."
-Louise Barnett-

"Andrea gives very clear instructions so you can really understand what you are meant to feel in each position and her positivity and enthusiasm are great!"


Thursdays 1215-1245, Farnborough Business Park, Building 110, GU14 7BF

Express Yoga Classes 30 mins


Thursdays 1800-1900, Southwood Country Park Visitors Center,
GU14 0LJ

 Starts 20th Jun, Runs For 6 Weeks

tree pose

Thursdays 1920-2020, Southwood Country Park Visitors Center, GU14  0LJ

Starts 20th Jun Runs For 6 Weeks


yoga at southwood visitors

"Andrea is a very patient kind and enthusiastic experienced teacher. Her passion for yoga shows in every lesson. - give it a go, but be warned you’ll enjoy it and get hooked"             
-Tracie -

Block Booking Bonuses

When you buy a block of classes (online or in person), or a five class pack

Bonus 1 

Copy of Copy of Blue and Yellow Illustrated Mathematics Lesson Education Presentation (3).

 ​£13 for drop in or £10 per class when booked as a block​ (meaning you get approx 1 & a half classes for free!)

all 4s pose

Bonus 2 

Copy of Copy of Blue and Yellow Illustrated Mathematics Lesson Education Presentation (4).

Automatically receive access to the videos of the class block.

These recordings give you a chance to re-do a class, and it means you never need to worry about missing out on your yoga practice if you can't make a session.

Bonus 3 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Yellow Illustrated Mathematics Lesson Education P

If you cant attend your normal session, if there is space on a different one, you can transfer to a different slot.

Or you can attend any of the sessions online

Plus the Additional Bonuses that a Consistent Yoga Practise Brings to Your Life 

Some of these are;

  • Improves strength, balance & flexibility

  • Helps manage stress

  • Improves sleep

  • Helps ease physical pain

  • Helps prevent injury

  • Self care for your mind, body & spirit!

" I only started Yoga a few months ago and Andrea’s classes are the perfect place to start...I’m now hooked & wish I’d started earlier" 
- Sara -

Class Schedule

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