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Anusara Yoga Classes In Farnborough Hampshire & Online

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What is Anusara Yoga?

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Anusara® is a branch of Hatha yoga that is inspiring and uplifting

Anusara means 'flowing with grace', both in the physical movement of the body but also spiritually by encouraging us to open up to the flow of life - “going with the flow,” or “following our hearts”.

What makes an Anusara yoga class different?

Each Anusara classes has a meaningful theme, that sets the intention and attitude of the class, interweaved throughout them. 

Some of my past course themes have included Movies, Song lyrics, Goddesses, the Chakras, Warriors, Ganesha, Fun Fairs and many more! 

Anusara also has a unique method of teaching. The Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment™ (UPAs) give students a blueprint on how to align the body, heart and mind, bringing balance.

Why use themes?

The theme helps to go deep into the spirit of yoga, inviting us to remember and celebrate that life, in all its glorious forms, is a gift.

Why use the UPAs?

In Anusara we use these principles to allow you to develop your own unique alignment – it is not a one size fits all model, making the practice suitable for students of all levels.   

Does Anusara yoga have set sequences?

No, Although there are no set sequences, there are over 250 poses included in Anusara yoga. This means it is far from a one size fits all model, with each class individually crafted. Although I have a class plan I look at the students in the room and teach to what I see. The plan changes and adapts to the needs of individuals and the class as a whole.

Do you use props?

Yes we use lot of props in class to aid and to deepen the practice.  Poses are made accessible for you by my clear instructions, the use of the UPAs & support from props. 

What is included in a class?

It depends on the class you choose!
Level 1 Anusara classes start with the introduction to the theme (which is carried through the class to make the yoga come alive), then some grounding breath work, the physical (asana) practice, and finish with meditation and shavasana (where the magic really happens), making a beautiful well rounded practice

Restorative yoga classes  is suitable for all, regardless of your fitness or yoga experience. It is a truly restful practice of deep relaxation, where we hold yoga poses for a longer time using props like yoga blocks, blankets, and bolsters to hold the poses almost effortlessly. The meditative aspect of yoga is emphasised, stillness is a powerful practice.

Your Teacher

"As an experienced Inspired Anusara yoga teacher I am dedicated to continuing to learn and develop my skills as a teacher, I find it truly exciting that there is always more I can learn, and pass on to my students. 

For me it’s not about turning yourself into a pretzel, it's about the way we live our lives. Through the work we do on the mat, we learn about the connection the mind and body have. This helps us see the connection with others around us, and the world as a whole, a long way from what I originally thought yoga was.

Yoga doesn’t always have to be serious – in my classes I always try to bring in some fun & there is usually some laughter at points

Low lunge

I want you to feel after class you have had a good physical workout – you will have moved & shifted, and also you will have had a bit of a work inwards, to help you feel calmer, your breath will be deeper & you can float off to the remainder of your day and week."

Find out more about my path into yoga & why I became an Anusara Inspired teacher..



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